“The most important step to becoming a black belt is your first”

Freestyle Martial Arts has established a reputation for excellence and continues to forge ahead as leaders in contemporary martial arts classes for adults. With its advanced facilities, welcoming atmosphere, specialised classes, professionally trained staff, close student-teacher support, and modernised curriculum, Freestyle Martial Arts offers a unique and exciting experience for all ages and abilities.


A contemporary blend of Karate, Taekwondo, Kung-Fu, and American Kickboxing


Freestyle Martial Arts is a contemporary blend of four traditional martial art styles: KARATE, TAEKWONDO,

KUNG-FU, and KICKBOXING. Only the very best techniques, exercises, and drills have been chosen and packaged together with a broad range of highly effective and motivating teaching methods. Freestyle Martial Arts is perfect for anyone looking to improve their lives physically, mentally and emotionally.


Fitness, Flexibility, Confidence & Personal Protection Training


For adults, the benefits are immense with our specialised mind and body improvement classes and effective defence workshops that build confidence, fitness, and personal protection.


Increase energy levels, lose weight, improve body tone and lower stress levels. Each class also rewards adults with a variety of stretching exercises that keep you feeling young and agile. Take pleasure in also seeing your core strength,  coordination, balance, flexibility, and self-control rapidly improve.


Freestyle Martial Arts also offers the opportunity to enhance essential life-skills. Be amazed as you increase in confidence, self-esteem, motivation, mental focus, commitment, discipline and pride in achievement. 


Helping adults protect themselves against bullying, peer pressure, and possible attack


Freestyle Martial Arts offers specialised seminars in traditional and contemporary self-defence training to help adults develop personal protection skills that will help them resist bullying, peer pressure, and protect themselves against possible attack. All this is packaged into one easy to learn programme, with variety and challenges for everyone to enjoy.