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Please follow the additional COVID-19 rules & regulations to help keep everyone safe whilst training at Freestyle Martial Arts. Thank you.


1. Arrive no earlier than 5 MINUTES before class through the designated ENTRY POINT.


2. Please wear a face covering when entering and exiting the club. Students may remove their face covering once they reach their prebooked spot. Spectators must wear a face covering at all times.*


3. Use the HAND SANITISER supplied on entry and exit to every class.


4. Place belongings in your bag and store behind your spot marker in the prearranged BAG-ZONE.


5. Remain on your spot throughout the class unless directed otherwise by your instructor for use of apparatus, go to the toilet, or water break.


6. Limited spectators or visitors are permitted but must be prearranged with your Instructor.


7. Parents must wait outside in a designated area to collect their child PROMPTLY at the end of class.


8. No hugs, hand-shaking, high-fives and no shouting or loud noises.


9. Wear martial arts shoes, trainers or plimsolls. No bare feet allowed.


10. Do not attend class if you are showing signs of even the slightest cough or cold, (non Covid-19).

10. Limited use of hand-held and freestanding punch bags is now permitted in class.


11. Students must follow the strict guidance of their instuctor and assistant instructor at all times.


12. Students should have one piece of hand-held equipment each to hold for their partner, and only hold it by the handle.  


13. Students, when working with a partner, should keep all hand-held equipment at arms length and away from their face.


14. When queuing for or using freestanding punch bags, students must remain 2m apart at all times.


15. Collect clean hand-held equipment from the designated ‘clean’ area and be careful to maintain 2m from all other students.


16. Return all used hand-held equipment to the designated ‘used’ area ready to be cleaned and be careful to maintain 2m from all other students.


17. You are not allowed to change partners or groups during the practice of hand-held or freestanding equipment.

*Face coverings are optional for the under 12’s.

In the event that any Instructor, student, or any family member within your support bubble, suspect they have, or prove positive for COVID-19, you MUST follow Government guidelines and self-isolate, and report it directly to the Chief Instructor as soon as possible.


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